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Labuerda is situated on the road from L'Ainsa towards Bielsa and the French border. The mill is in a bend of this road just to the north of Labuerda. The locals know this spot as the curva del molino. The molino aceitero is built in the riverbed next to the harinero.
Both mills receive water from the Río Cinca. Make sure to carry a light if you go inside.

Pictures: VIII.2011

(21) Central eléctrica: upper floors with insulators (Peña Montañesa in the back)

(22) Looking back at the entrance
(23) The electricity corner with alternator

A double-width wooden door (1) opens directly into the main floor (22, 23). There is one huge main spa­ce with some smaller separate rooms (22). A look at the floor shows clearly that these must be later additions. A scribble on one of the walls suggests that the reforms date from the early 1940s at the latest. The rooms do not communicate with each other and there is no hint at what they were used for.
Part of the floor is in wood. There is a trap-door (22) giving access to the level below. It was pitch dark and I considered the ladder not trustworthy and I therefore did not descend, but I guessed there were empty sockles.
This mill is stripped of everything apart from the alter­nator, a few switches and some insulators (see triplets of white dots on the beams 22, 23).

(24) Ladder to the turbine room
(25) Some forgotten switches

(26) Alternator
The alternator is mounted on its sockle by means of a system de­signed to fine tune the position. Two long screws (26) slide the gene­rator back and forth in this way adjusting the tension of the belt. The alternator carries two tags, one of each: the supplier and the brand.

Arcadio was established in 1890.

122903TIPO GEAL 71/4
Δ ΥV127/220 46/26
GEALKW7,5 cv10cosφ
R.P.M.1420cic 50

(27) Tag on the General Electric alternator

While the workplace is almost empty it's definitely interesting to take a closer look at the walls which are covered with scribbles, sums and drawings. They come in grey (pencil), blue and black and in several layers which adds to the challenge to decipher them.
The writings on the wall range from simple remin­ders or short notes in relation to the daily business (31) to elaborate drawings like a complete millstone dressing pattern (28). We've found small electrical schemes (30), drawings for fun (32) and texts similar to logbook entries.

(28) Harp dressing pattern found on East wall
(29) Flower of life predating the New Age.

(32) Someone in particular?

A few texts we've found:
• Antonia 38+45=83kg • Juaquin - ladrillos 14 • Florencio Buil 58 • Visorio 72. • Pilar 41'5 Kg • Escuaín 70 Kilos • Luz para Panaderia - hora de entrada 12 1/2 - subida 2 menos cuarto • Diciembre de 1942 dia 6 empieza a funcionar la estufa

There are lots and lots more.

Some other mills where you'll find interesting signs on the wall:

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