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Gabardilla, on the river Ena, can easily be reached after an easy walk from the road between L'Ainsa and Arcusa. The only difficulty is where exactly to start. Be prepared to cross the river several times.

cabra and tolva
Long time before the mill comes in sight, you walk with the canal on your left side. I couldn't find the inlet although I searched for it.

Eventually, the canal runs into a well preserved mill pond embalse with an overflow in the left wall.


Seen from this side, the building seems in great shape. This impression will not last when you change position to the other side of the mill.
Half of the construction has collapsed and the Río Ena is ready to take more.
It must have been an important mill. It has two spacious cárcavos. In the right cavity rests an iron wheel (rodete) (below).
The mill probably couldn't work for a very long time without running out of water. The mill pond is rather small, and the Ena doesn't carry much water.

cabra and tolva
cárcavo with rodete
Notice that the crane (grua) is painted in Aragonese blue, which supposedly keeps the flies away.
The feeding hopper (tolva) was dyed in the same colour. It collapsed together with the roof.

When we went back to Gabardilla in November 1998 a man was working on the site. It was the husband of the grand-daughter of the last miller. He was retired now and had the time and the firm intention to save the place.
Most important: he had already secured the site.
Big boulders keep the Rio Ena now from eating more of the cárcavo. There is still plenty to do, but our next visit might be a happy event.

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