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Embún is situated in the Jacetania region on the right bank of the río Aragón Subordán. In Puente la Reina de Jaca take the road towards Hecho and Ansó (A-176). After about 10 km You'll reach a branch to the left where Embún is signposted. This is the entrance to the village. Stay on the main road. Immediately after the intersection You'll pass a building at the right side of the road. The next construction, less than 100 m further on, is the Molino Nuevo (1) which is easily recognized by the stone in the garden. Recent maps, if they show the mill, put the symbol at the wrong place, still further on, about 250 m after the branch to the village.

Pictures: 02.i.2016

(1) The Molino Nuevo, new mill, of Embún

In the small garden next to the house an old mill stone can be found (2). It is a monolith with an old dressing pattern. The stone is rather big with its diameter of 146 cm. Most stones in the region measure only 130 cm. Notice the impressions for a four-armed rynd. Other four-armed rynds can be found in Litera (∅ 130 cm), and in Mediano (∅ 150 cm).

It is not clear what, if anything, remains of the installations of the former mill. The cáarcavo is still open and is used to drain water coming from the roof (4), but we couldn't look inside to know if there was a wheel present.

(3) An open chute brings the water to the cárcavo.

(4) Cárcavo.
The canal which runs at the back of the house, is wide and rather shallow (5). An open chute built from cement runs along the side of the house (3). This chute in former times brought water from the canal to the wheel. It nowadays collects waste water, presumably from the kitchen. The restitution canal runs below the road back to the Río Aragón Subordán.

(5) The canal is wide and shallow.

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