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Coscojuela de Fantova

Coscojuela de Fantova is a rather isolated village in the Somontano region. It is probably best approached from El Grado on the main road between L'Ainsa and Barbastro. Take the turn just South of El Grado towards Naval (the branch with the Apart Hotel on the corner). After a while turn left where Coscojuela de Fantova and Hoz de Barbastro are signposted. You will reach the village after about 10km of narrow, winding an isolated road. Do not enter the village, but keep following the road towards Hoz. After about 2km you will see (1) at the right side of the road.

(1) The site of the mill with the pressure pit.

Almost nothing of the mill did survive. The most prominent feature is the towering pressure pit. The pond is filled with earth, and trees are shooting up but with some effort the walls of the mill pond can still be traced.
The stone with its diameter of 140 cm is rather big, certainly for a monolith in pudding stone. We know from other mills in the region that most older mono­liths measure around 110 cm and that almost all modern composite stones have a diameter of 130 cm. Larger stones are exceptional.

(2) Overview of the site with stone and cárcavo.

(3) Detail of the mill stone with ∅ = 140cm.

(4) Cárcavo with space for one wheel only.

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