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Castigaleu lies in the Ribagorza region and is easily found from Graus. Take the main road to Capella and La Puebla de Roda and turn right after a while to Lascuarre and Castigaleu. Drive through the village and then right again towards Luzás and Tolva — At the right in the depth you'll see the other mill which was restored in 2010. The road at some point turns sharply to the right and then longs a small rivulet: the Barranco de Monesma. Drop the car. Walk against the current or take the service road about 200m back. Either way you'll reach the mill, known as Pucharcos, after about two thirds of a kilometer.

(11) Drain of the cárcavo.
There is lots to see outside also. Work your way down to the water and then to the cárcavo (11): a nice piece of masonry.

The cárcavo opens with a wide arch (11) made of rather big stones. Walk inside and You'll notice that a much larger space is bridged by a much wider arch (12).

Wheel, levador and botana (13) are present and in good shape, but the valve with its rod are gone (14).

(12) Inside the cárcavo.

(13) Rodete, aliviador, botana.
(14) Botana.

(15) The pond.
(16) Cubo - contrabalsa.
The pond (15) lies against the mill. The top of the wall is about even with the roof of the mill. The pond is triangular and enclosed between two solid walls coming together in a contrabalsa (16).

The reservoir was fed by a channel of about 400m long. The stretch nearest to the mill cannot be found anymore, but from the corner of the field (front in 17) its course may easily be traced to the dam (18).

The dam (azud, 18) is about 2m high and the riverbed behind it is now entirely filled with silt. The first meters of the water supply channel are visible at the left side in pict.18. The canal then dives below the wall (19) and is then built from natural stones layed on top of the base rock (20) before it reaches terrain where it could be digged out.

(17) White dot = the pond.
(18) Azud (seen from pict. 19).

(19) Start of the canal.
(20) Canal built on natural rock.

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