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Castigaleu lies in the Ribagorza region and is easily found from Graus. Take the main road to Capella and La Puebla de Roda and turn right after a while to Lascuarre and Castigaleu. Drive through the village and then right again towards Luzás and Tolva — At the right in the depth (1) you'll see the village mill which was restored in 2010. The mill is situated in a bend of the Río Cajigar.

(1) Molino del pueblo of Castigaleu.

(2) The mill pond with half open pressure pit.

(3) Upper level entrance.
When we were there for the first time (26.X.2010) works for the recuperation of this mill were in full swing. Support was provided by FEADER, or in English EAFRD: the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Our second visit left us with mixed feelings. While the construction is now solid and well preserved, clearly no effort was done in order to keep the mill and its equipment in running order. The village council intends to use this space to host temporary exhibitions.

(4) Overview of the site. Notice the stepping stones on the wall.

(5) Lowest level with the outlet.
(6) The cárcavo is empty.

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