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Buerba is on a side-branch of the road between Sarvisé (Valle de Broto) and Escalona (Río Cinca, North of L'Ainsa). Now walk through the village and take the steep trail down to Yeba and the Río Yesa. You will find the remains of the mill down in the valley, where the Barranco del Cubo and the Barranco Manatuero merge (1). The mill is also known as the Molino de La Artica.

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(1) Molino de Buerba with the Bco del Cubo left.

Lucien Briet, the French pirinéiste, on his way from Yeba to Buerba passed here on October the 4th of 1910 and took a picture (*). He wrote about the mill that he found it closed and mute with a quiet artificial pond behind it. He also said that the Barranco del Molino, the west branch of the Barranco de Buerba, had dried up. Nowadays the maps of the Spanish Instituto Geográfico Nacional show Bco del Cubo for the former and Bco de Manatuero for the latter barranco.
It is not clear if at the time of Briet's visit the mill was still in use. Where he is writing about artificial lakes of mills in El valle de Vió the German Rudolf Wilmes (‡), mentions the existence of such a lake on the path between Buerba and Yeba, next to a mill which is in ruins. Wilmes did his fieldwork between 1929 and 1932 and if the mill then was in ruins it must have been shut down many years earlier. It is remarkable that we can still find remains almost a century later.

(2) Workplace with stones in the depth.
(3) Stone couple covered with moss.

(4) Runner and sleeper with old sickle dressing. The diameter is 110cm.

(5) South facing wall with mouth of cárcavo.

(6) Cárcavo with saetín and botana still in place.

(7) Wall of the pond.


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