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Biniés is part of Canal de Berdún in the Jacetania region. From Jaca, take the N-240 towards Pamplona. You will find Puenta la Reina de Jaca on your way (we have the Molino de Azoguillo there) and then reach Berdún where you turn right towards Biniés and Anso (A-1602). After about 4 km, do not turn right towards the village but go straight-on. The road gradually meanders down into the valley of the Río Veral. The mill is at the first sharp turn to the left.

Pictures: 01.x.2013

(1) The mill below the castle of Biniés.

The property was surrounded with a sturdy fence and there was nobody home. I have no idea if traces of the former business activities can still be seen. The mill is advertised as a holiday home that can be rented. Therefore, I am afraid that nothing has been preserved, except for the garden table (2), of course.
In former times the mill also produced electricity and the company Eléctrica de Biniés was active until far in the 20th century.

None of my old maps shows any power lines: I suppose that the electricity was for the vicinity only.

(2) The obligatory mill stone table.
(3) The restitution channel.

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