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Arasanz is an abandoned village far away from any regular road. From the main road between Ainsa and Campo, turn south towards Tierrantona. Pass through the village and follow the signs for Muro de Roda. The road soon degrades into gravel and sand but an ordinary vehicle will do if driven carefully. After some kms there is a branch left to Fumanal and a bit further (ca 5km from Tierrantona) it is left for Muro de Roda and right for Arasanz. Drive on and try to keep to the main trail. Remember to turn left at the first crossroads (6.5 km) otherwise you would be on your way to Griebal instead of Arasanz. Drop your vehicle at the barrier (9.5km) and walk the remaining 3km. In Arasanz follow the track leading to the lake.
The quarry is situated at Lat: 42°20'24.78"N / Lon: 0°12'0.19"E (ETRS89).

Pictures: 24.VIII.2012, 29.VIII.2015

Overview of the quarry next to the embalse de Mediano — 2012

The quarry is on a steep stony slope. The plate shows many cracks, also ripple marks and weird egg-like inclusions. The site lies almost in its entirety below the water level of the lake if that is filled to its full capacity. Only rarely is the water low enough to free the whole quarry. Usually only some of the highest prints can be seen.
I counted at least 30 imprints of stones and broken stones with diameters between 85 and 120 cm. Some sizes: 80: 2ex.; 85: 1ex.; 90: 5ex.; 100: 9ex.; 110: 3 ex.; 120: 2 ex. The sizes are rather small given that almost all stones found in the mills of the region measure 130 cm. Only in La Cabezo­nada — small and primitive mill with wooden canals — sto­nes of only 100 cm can be seen.

Top of the quarry — 2012

Notice the egg-like inclusions in the rock.

Traces of at least 6 extractions.

∅ 90 cm

At least 9, sometimes superimposed, prints.

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