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Anciles is a small medieval village in the Ribagorza region of Huesca. It is situated about 2 km to the South of Benasque, which should be easily found on any map. Though Anciles can be reached form the South, the best approach in this case is from the North, from the roundabout in Benasque. Drive, or walk, the road down until you reach the obliga­tory parking space at the entrance of the village. There you'll find the mill at the left side of the road.

All pictures: 09.IV.2015


Decommissioned stones are typically recycled as garden tables (e.g. Allué, Sarvisé) and this is true here also. There was nobody home and the fence was tall and well cared for, so we couldn't have a closer look, but from the road it looked as if the stone features a harp dressing.

We were not able to find any other trace of the activities of the past: no canal, no pond, no arch telling us about a former cárcavo. I can only presume that nothing was preserved during the renovation.

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