Mills in Altoaragón - aceitero


Alquezar is easily reached from Huesca and Barbastro.
The aceitero is in the village center and at the time of our visit still used the same technology we already know from so many abandoned olive mills.

  Olives are unloaded in the funnel and then transported to the next level. They cross the wall and eventually drop in the tolva. The wheel is mechanised. We recognise the same mechanism as in the aceiteros of Nueno and Centenera.
Piles of mats (esteras) are waiting for the press (prensa). The press is the modern space saver we've already seen in Centenera, Mipanas or Almazorre. There is a difference however. A hydraulic system pushes the bottom plate up, instead of a top-plate down.

The label on the press reads:

Gabriel Pujol Parés
Doctor Robert, 47

A row of old pilas (reservoirs).
Today the oil is captured in square, tiled containers (same type as in Centenera)

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