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Alíns del Monte

Alins del Monte is a village in the La Litera region and situated on the southern slopes of the Sierra de la Carrodilla. From Barbastro take the main road towards Graus and after the crossing of the Río Cinca turn right towards Estadilla and Fonz. In Fonz continue to Azanuy and once there take left at the entrance of the village. You'll reach Alíns after about 7 km. Walk the narrow streets until you find or the village square or the mill which is below the square.

Pictures: 07.I.2012

(1) The oil mill of Alíns del Monte in the village center.

(2) Place where the olives were crushed
Alins inaugurated its new village square in August 2009. Parts of the oil mill were demolished and three pilars were placed between its borders (1). A concrete platform resting on this pilars carries the new square and serves as a roof for about half of the former oil mill.

There is nothing tangible left of the construction and what remains of the installations is in a very sorry state. The vertical beams are lost. The main beam lies on the ground and is turned on its side. The screw (caracol, 3) rests forgotten in a corner. The embalse with the runner (2) is located outside the protection of the roof and is half demolished and used to stock stones. There is a small explicative panel (1, right) but it is entirely blacked out. And finally to add insult to injury, the free space is used as a parking place.

In his speech at the occasion, the mayor stated that work still had to be done: Terminar de cerrar el es­pacio en el que se conservan los ele­mentos del antiguo molino y dar una nueva imagen al centro de Alíns or Close the space with the elements of the old mill and give the center of Alíns a new face. That was in 2009 and nothing seems to be done since that time: the place is still wide open and soon beyond saving.

(3) Free end of the beam (on its side) with caracol
(4) Fireplace

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