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Animals in advertising - Hymenoptera - Wasp
Advertisements featuring wasps are very rare.

In about half of the handful samples in our collection the wasp represents an unpleasant event; a risk that people know to exist as opposed to a hidden danger which is usually portrayed by a shark.

I have no clue why the wasp was used in the remaining advertisements.

first published: v.2021

Our first examples
are advertisements where a wasp means trouble (1–3). For both companies —the all-inclusive car insurance and the travel assistance— the wasp stands for risks which are present in activities like trafic and travelling and which may suddenly develop into really unpleasant experiences. The wasp is used for a known danger: we know that participating in road trafic, or going on a trip brings a certain risk. For a risk which is less visible, a hidden danger, another kind of animal is called for : a Shark. Unpleasant news lurking invisible below the surface is personated by a shark suddenly popping up in plain view.

(1) 2001 – Whatever happens to your car. — car insurance
(2) 2001 – Whatever happens to your car. — car insurance

Building and renovating
is team work … (4). And also It buzzes with activity here …. It is remarkable that wasps were chosen. Given the message of teamwork and energetic activity a choice for honey bees is more obvious. And bees lack the distinctly aggressive connotation. Could it be that the designer intended to take bees, but mistakenly took wasps?

(3) 2007 – Abroad, problems are growing larger — travel assistance
(4) 2004 – Building together as masters.
(5) 1994 – Drank to much ? — vodka

Our remaining samples
(5–7) only bring questions. Alcohol (5) can go up to your head and your brain then may confuse the buzzing of wasps with the roar of helicopters, but why the wasps? And is it still a recommendation for the brand if you may go that far?

Advert No. 6 is interesting because it reminds us of times past when Film colour separations by modem were state-of-the-art. Nowadays it's all "Computer to Plate" and the Internet and hardly anyone still remembers film and modem. Why the wasp ? I have no clue.

The boutique of No. 7 is open every Sunday and a wide range of labels is proudly listed. Once again: why the (German) wasp ?

(6) 1997 – Typestream — Colour separations
(7) 2009 – Open every Sunday. — Clothing shop

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