Lewis Berger
El Sol Solatex

Montréjeau (France); VII.1998
Le Bazert (Montréjeau, France); VII.1998
La Gravelle (N157, Mayenne, France); IV.2000; pict. A. Guët
Méry sur Oise (France); III.2001; pict. M. Chartier
VALENTINE - les belles peintures

Notice the play with the stroke. See how the ideal of the Spanish mural continues into the underscore.
The Gravelle painting features some kind of a reference number: 2.3.56 - 80. Probably the date (March 2nd, 1956) and the serial of the wall.

Astorga (Spain);
Valentine - la pintura ideal
Valentine - the ideal paint.

This is a stronger statement than in French.

La Salle en Beaumont (N85, France);
VIII.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Valentine - les belles peintures
Valentine - the beautiful paint.

Ste Mère-Eglise (France);
V.2000; pict. A. Guët
Noailles (France);

Place St Anne, Rennes (France);
August 1998; pict. A. Guët


Ripolin is a very common paint in France and Spain.
Although still very nice, this mural is only a pale reminiscence of the fullfledged Ripolin logo. The three men are brushing: the first on the wall, the others on the back of the previous person. The message says that Ripolin is used on metals, wood, plaster and more.

You will find this wall also in our liquor section.

Alfortville (France);
XI.1999; pict.: A. Guët
Ripolin Express with a brush.

Look carefully and discover what's hidden by the Ripolin: Crème Eclipse. It is easiest to see in the bottom right corner where the sad face is. The word express hides the sunny face. Find Crème Eclipse in our cleaning section.

Chartres - Tours (RN10, France);
IV.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Ripolin Express
Fontainebleau (France);
V.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Pour tous usages
Ripolin Express
sec en 3 heures

Brussels (Belgium); X.1998; pict.: A. Guët
Belcolor peintures
Gujarat (India); 10.XI.2013; pict. H. De Meyer
Since 1760 Lewis Berger Paint your imagination

In 1760 a chemist from Frankfurt, Louis Steigenberger, went to London. He brought his own secret method of manufac­turing the then precious Prussian Blue. At the end of the century he was selling 19 different pigments already and he had his name changed into Lewis Berger.

In 1923 in Calcutta, an Englishman set up a small paint company, Hadfield's (India) Limited. How both came together in what is now Berger Paints India is a long and complex story.

Brussels (Belgium); V.1998; pict.: A. Guët

émail gel lak
Peinture plastique
au latex (= with latex)

One of the better walls with an excellent use of the available space. The theme fits the product and is repeated on the tube. We witness the hand finishing the last streaks. This mural lives.

The tube carries the brand EL SOL with an image of the sun.

Reykjavik (Iceland), X.2004;
pict. M. Chartier
Harpa Gives colour to life

We've been told that this wall does exist since the 1970s.

Brussels (Belgium), XI.1998;
pict. A. Guët
Peintures de qualité Duco-Dulux
or Quality paints Duco-Dulux