House and garden

G.M.E. Sanitaire
Monsieur Meuble

Purse & Co

Innsbruck (Austria), X.1998;
pict. A. Anselin
Innsbruck (Austria), X.1998;
pict. A. Anselin

Ihr Spezialist für
Werkstatt, Haus und Garten

Your specialist for
workplace, house and garden.


Painting roadside advertisements still seems common practice in Austria and they show amazing reality.

The first panel (left) shows Innsbruck and the Alps dominating the city. The trees (right) in front of the wall are part of the painting. They are so real, that I'm wondering if the artist made arrangements for a wintry version.

Visit the NEFF wall for more fine artwork.

Béziers (France), 14.VIII.2008; pict. T. Taal
monsieur meuble
Evolution of the logo
from 1977
from 1998
from 2009

The brand Monsieur Meuble was created in 1971 by a cooperative of independent sellers of furniture.

The logo on the mural was in use from 1977 until 1997. The man (notice his pipe) was not always resting on his back. Some advertisments show him sitting upright on the edge of his M-seat.

On the latest logo man and seat are merged into each other. It is not clear anymore if we are looking at a person or at a lonely head hovering above a seat. It reminds me of the IGOL brand where the rooster was reduced to his eye only.

Notice also that the head has switched sides compared with the earlier designs.

Paris 15° (France); II.1999; pict. A. Guët
Papier peints (=wall-paper)

Dallas (Texas, USA), III.1999;
pict. A. Anselin

Purse & Co
Manufacturers of furniture and floor coverings

Pont à Mousson (France), VI.1999;
pict. A. Guët
G.M.E. Sanitaire

Once an independent chain, GME now belongs to the Groupe Lapeyre with companies in several European countries.

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