Fibers and Clothing

Dixcy Scott
Dollar Senser, Club
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Dandy shirt-maker
Los Zamoranos
Vêtements Battin
Mont St Michel

Today we are used to briefs and bras draping the street. Rasurel seems the only underwear who came in the open long before the others. Or they used longer lasting paint (Valentine, who knows? See our Paint section).
Both panels target a different public and promote a different use of the Rasurel brand. The look- through nylon brief marvelled by the house-wife probably wouldn't be accepted for the atlete's Slip Well. Rasurel uses Rhovyl.

Aire sur l'Adour (France); 1997
nylon Rasurel
Castelnau (France); VII.1998; pict: A Guët
Rasurel Slip "WELL"

Herrère (64, France); VII.2013;
pict: A Guët
Clarac (N117, France); 23.X.1999
Maillots - Apr?? RASUREL

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électricité statique
massage permanent

static electricity
continuous massage

Thiais (94, France); VI.1999; pict. A. Guët

It was in 1941 when the Rhodiacéta laboratories disco­vered a method to make PVC-fibers.
The group Rhône-Poulenc, in 1948, founded a company to commercialise the new chlorine fibers: Rhovyl. Rhovyl became an independent company in 1992.

Visit the company's nice and informative website for more information about their history and products (in both English and French).

I generate static electricity. No brand today would see that as a plus. It's already difficult enough to keep today's office equipment running without.

This ad stems from ages back when electricity hadn't lost its charm yet to become an everyday commodity. The message however shows modern sophistication: the text touches the irresistible gain without pain string. Skip your morning exer­cises: all you need for your atletic condition is apparel with Rhovyl.

La Triboélectricité est ma force

électricité statique
massage permanent

grace à

l'électricité tue ... au service de la science, elle devient un bienfait.

Tribo-electricity is my strength

static electricity
continuous massage

thanks to

electricity kills ... in service of science, it becomes a benefaction.

tribo stems from the Greek for rubbing

Lissieu (RN6, France);
XII.1999; pict. M. Herz
This Rasurel-Rhovyl ad is only half of a very nice wall (overview). Enrich your vocabulary.
Forvil: extrapones
Solatex: sol

Ejea de los Caballeros (Spain)

Fibras ??? para un mejor textil

The new fibers were so good that even sheep left their own produce for the new fabric.

We couldn't find it back in July 1999

San Martín de Unx (Tafalla, Spain);
Confecciones (Ready-to-wear)
Los Zamoranos

The lettering is a bit irregular: the characters dance.

Turenne - 4 Routes (Lot, France);
XI.1998; pict. J.F. Vittoz
Vêtements Battin - Brive

or Clothing Battin from Brive

Pamplie (79, France); 04.I.2016; pict. MY Chartier
Le Mont St MichelSignature de garantie: Ariès

Louis and Henri Ariès started the company in Pontorson not far from the legendary Mont Saint-Michel —hence the name.

In 1923 a second production unit was built in Rennes and would replace the Pontorson branch in 1930. The company became one of the most important companies for working apparel in France.

After World War II it was a brand of renown over the whole territory of France because of the excellent quality and also thanks to the advertising campaign. In the 1960s the brand ventured into women's ready-to-wear and had to close business in 1979.

Combourg (Bretagne, France);
XI.1999; pict. A. Guët
Le Mont St Michel
Signature de garantie: Ariès

Vos Vêtements Préférés
or Your prefered clothing

St-Pierre Eglise (Manche, France);
VI.2000; pict. M. Chartier
Le Mont St Michel
Signature de garantie: Ariès


Chinon (France);
I.2000; pict. A. Birtwistle
Le Mont St Michel
Signature de garantie: Ariès


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