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Usana – Banastón

Usana and Banastón are situated on opposited sides of the Barranco de Usana. The mill is built on the same side of the water as the village of Usana and that is why I call it the mill of Usana. The best approach is probably from Banastón. From L'Ainsa take the road to Campo and You'll soon find the branch to that village. Park your vehicle next to the church. Take the path to Usana, which descends in the barranco, and walk as far as the bridge over the small river. Work your way down into the river bed, find a point where you can cross the water and look for the view shown in picture 1.

Pictures: 27.xii.2016

(1) The mill is built into the terraces.
(2) Mouth of the cárcavo
(3) Inside the cárcavo
(4) Stones that serve as stairs between ground (workplace) and underground (cárcavo) levels.

(5) The smaller cárcavo.
In fact the remains of two mills can be found.

The largest cárcavo (1 – 4) is situated at the lowest level, next to the river. The smaller cárcavo (5 – 6) can be found one level higher, just above the bigger one. Both show some flat stones (4, 5) in the supporting wall of the terrace: a staircase to get easily from the mill to the cárcavo. Notice that the arch of the small mill is not symmetrical (5).

We have not found any other artifacts related to the mills.

(6) Inside the smaller cárcavo.


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