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Torres del Obispo

Torres del Obispo is perhaps not that easy to find because it's not on the regular tourist track. From Graus take the main road to the south and after a while turn left for Benabarre. You'll soon reach Torres del Obispo. Straight on at the branch taking off to the left and leading to the village center. You'll shortly reach a crossroads with the southern entrance to Torres and a bridge giving access to a road with fast trafic. At the other side of the bridge a narrow road leads to Juseu. The mill is situated exactly at this point. The low stone walls are the top level of the milling complex.
The mill got water from the Barranco del Molino.

Pictures: 20.VIII.2006; Map: Inst. Geográfico y Catastral, 1952

situation corn mill oil mill waterworks

(1) Situation of the mill
(7) The mill seen from the riverbed

The first part of the cárcavo is wide and spacious. At the back of this part is another, lower arch. Above this arch the wall is open and giving a view at still another room. The space is empty, but I think that this floor housed a powerstation.
The entrance to this central eléctrica is indicated by the white arrow (1). From inside you'll get a nice view of the bowels of the building (19, 20). I didn't take the risk of any further exporation.


situation corn mill oil mill waterworks
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