Mills in Altoaragón


Suelves, and certainly the remains of the mill, is not easily found. Take the new highway from Ainsa to Barbastro. Turn right and leave the new road where Naval is signposted. Follow the road up to the village center: the dirt road towards Suelves begins in one of the bends.
After a while the road follows the left bank of the Barranco de la Llastra. Search for a narrow rivulet coming from the right. Park the car in the first bend there after. Work your way down through the shrubs.

All pictures: 5.XI.1997

This must have been the molino: now only a stone wall in a field. The poplars show the river bed (stream-up is left on the picture). The azud is in that direction about 50m away. The builder made very good use of a narrow in the barranco. Through the years gravel accumulated behind the azud and the balse became shallow. It became necessary to heighten the azud with a layer of concrete. It did not help much: the water has found a new escape route.

Azud with gravel-pit-balsa

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