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San Juan de Plan

San Juan de Plan is situated in the Valley of Gistaín (valle de Chistau) which is shown on any map of the region. Leave L'Ainsa towards Bielsa and the French border. Turn right in Salinas de Sin and follow the not very wide road until you reach Plan. Once there continue you way. The road rounds the village towards San Juan de Plan. Once there enter the village and continue until you appear at the other side almost in the riverbed. The mills (presumably albergue and museum) are at your left side.
(1) Flour mill (center) and saw mill (right)
(2) Installations in the wheat mill
Both constructions were carefully locked up and therefore we had to limit our research to the out­sides mostly. There was one window however that gave a view of the ground floor of the grain mill (albergue) proving that the installations were preserved (2, 6) and probably even ready to run.
This seems not to be the case for the serrería. The outlet (5) features a door and at the deep end the cárcavo is used as a storage room.

The outlet (4 left, 7) of the wheat mill, however, is in good shape.

(3) Front of the flour mill
(4) Wheat and saw mill with outlets
(5) Outlet of saw mill

(6) Installations of the flour mill
(7) Drain of the wheat mill

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