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Sabiñanigo is a municipality located in the Alto Gállego county of Huesca province. The mill is situated on the southern edge of the city at the confluence of the río Gállego and the río Basa. The construction can be reached starting from the parking space of the Bar-Asador in the barrio del Puente de Sardas. Walk the gravel road between the bar and a warehouse to the end and you will arrive at the back of the mill (7).

(1) Construction with the first floor housing the mill proper.

As all openings were secured, we couldn't enter the construction. However, the mill is listed in the Sistema de Información del Patrimonio Cultu­ral Aragonés ( and, according to its entry in this database, nothing of the equipment remains. The photos (1, 2, 7) show that the building itself has undergone many changes.
The mill business was located on the ground floor of the building. The lintel of the entrance features an engraving that says AÑO 1793 (3), presumably the year of construction.

The cárcavo (underhouse, right in 2) is in good shape. Its mouth has been closed with bricks and a wooden door. This part is now used as a chicken coop.

(2) First floor with mill proper and cárcavo (underhouse) converted into chicken coop.

(3) Lintel marked with AÑO 1793.
(4) Half of a stone lying in the grass
(visible in pict.1 right from corrugated plate).

The former restitution canal leading away from the cárcavo is floored with a couple of old mill stones (5, 6). Their diameter measures 140 cm and they carry a curved dressing, a sickle dress.
A third stone can be found in the grass between the door and the drain (4).

(5) Couple of mill stones in the drain of the cárcavo.
(6) An old runner stone.

(7) Upper floor level of the construction

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