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Radiquero is a small village in the Somontano de Barbastro region and situated to the West of Alquezar which is a very popular destination for tourists. Coming from any­where it is probably easiest to follow the signs for Alquezar untill you are on the A–1233.
● If you come via Adahuesca Radiquero should be signposted in the village. After nearly 5km Radiquero is announced with its touristical highlights. At that point the road takes a turn to the right and in that curve a narrow road goes left. The mill is at about 80m into that narrow road.
● Coming from the other side you should find a camping and a crossroads at km 2 of the A–1233. Do not turn right to Alquezar, but drive straight-on for Huesca. Radiquero is at less than 2km. Do not enter the village; stay on the main road. The road turns right and then left and in this wide curve is the narrow road you need.
(1) Face of the mill looking to the East — entrance to the second floor.
The mill is a small building of two levels each with their own entrance. We think that the first floor housed the mill proper; the second floor was probably storage space.
We could not enter the construction and there was only one window that gave a view on the interior (3). It looks like the space was divided into separate rooms for the different stages of the oil production process.

(2) Wall and entrance looking to the South — entrance to the first floor.

(3) Decantation room.

(4) Exhibition of olive crushers.

Outside, around the mill, several pieces of equip­ment (roller stones, containers) all from stone are on display. It is not clear if they all originally belong­ed to this mill. It looks like there is not enough space inside. They may be brought here from another mill nearby to brighten up this place which will clearly be set up as a piknik site.
The condition of the decantation room (3) does not look reassuring for the condition of the rest the mill and its furnishings. Let's hope that the parts made from metal (malaxator, press, trolley) are still present.

(5) Olive crushers and storage containers.

(6) Oil container lined with tiles.

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