Mills in Altoaragón - molino


Puibolea is not exactly on a main road. Leave Huesca and follow the signposts for Ayerbe and Pamplona. After 15 km (Esquedas) turn right for Bolea. Puibolea is the next village (follow Lierta, Banastás).
The molino alto is in the center of the circle on the map (mapa 248 (Ser. L 29-11) of the Spanish Cartografía militar de España - 1a ed. 1982). The mill is on the Baranco Salado. Take the riverbed for the last stretch.
Ruinoso, that's the right word describing the current state of the mill.
The (rather big) construction has been build in the riverbed and up against the slope. The picture on the right shows the mill with Puibolea on the hill in the background.

A depression has been dammed up with two converging walls to form a shallow reservoir. This balsa is situated well above the building. The arrow shows where.


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