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Mondot - Villacampa

Mondot and certainly this mill is not that easily found. From the main road between L'Ainsa and Barbastro turn to Lamata in Mesón de Ligüerre de Cinca. Follow the long narrow road and turn right just before Olsón where Mondot is signposted. Once there turn right into the village and park the car. From the church follow the main dirt road to the graveyard. A trifle further on there is a lesser branch to the left. Descend in the Barranco Sanchils and walk next to the Fuen Calién and another mill. Don't walk down to the water but turn left (blank signpost might still be there) and reach eventually the mill on the Río Susia at about three kilometers from the church.

Pictures: 03.i.2002

Mill in the valley of the Río Susia
Mill from aside with wall of reservoir

The construction is in perfect condition and securely closed. It's clear that some work has been done to preserve and fit up (as an albergue?). Excellent spot for a quiet holiday.
The most striking features at the front are the text above the entrance and the ornamental stones surrounding it. The mouth of the outlet channel is enormous. You can walk straight-in and discover a spacious cárcavo.

Front with cárcavo
Molino harinero de
Pilar Latre VD. Lacambra
A 8 Del 9 de 1943

The cárcavo has room for two wheels, but only one is present. The second saetín has been sealed up. It is obvious that the mill worked at half the original capacity for some time.
Water was probably a problem. The Río Susia is short and not very water rich. Most of the water emerges from one or two wells near Mondot.

Spacious cárcavo with one wheel
Cárcavo from inside

Serious effort was spent to build a reservoir as big as feasible. The balsa is four to five meters deep slowly widening between thick walls for several meters long (Picture first row). But it doesn't stop there. Maximum use was made of the local topo­graphy to extend its surface for almost one hunderd meter and still having a reasonable depth at the far end where the canal enters.
The azud, the dam, lies a good distance stream-up (the blue arrow shows the position of the mill). An open channel first runs parallel to the river but then makes a huge sweep away and then reaches the reservoir of the mill. Maintenance is needed.

Narrow and very deep balsa
Río Susia with dam

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