Bernardo Mills in Altoaragón - harinero

Ligüerre de Cinca

Ligüerre de Cinca is on the main road from L'Ainsa to Barbastro. Between Mesón de Ligüerre and the fork to Lamata turn right on the dirt road just after the bridge over the Río Susia. The mill is situated next to the river a few hunderd meters to the north.

Pictures: december 1996


The mill is in ruins. The workfloor is in a terrible mess. You can guess the balsa: part of it has been converted to arable land. If you work your way through the shrub you will find a nice saetín.
Below and just above the river: two cárcavos in solid masonry. Expecting also two saetíns, I searched the upper parts of the mill but was not able to dig up more than the one shown. Below the balsa, inside the cárcavo only the botana is still visible. All other parts (valves, wheels) are gone.

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