Bernardo Mills in Altoaragón - aceitero

Santa Eulalia la mayor

Santa Eulalia la mayor is on the road from Huesca to the Embalse de Vadiello. Turn left in Castilsabás. Follow the dirt road from one of the curves down in the valley.

All pictures: december 1995

Road-side wall outside Inside the mill balsa with mill in background

In ruins and a bleu-berry lovers' paradise this mill is also a must for the mill-buff.

The mill features a nice triangular balsa without any (visible) connection to the equally fine preserved cubo. About half of the cubo lies above the level of the balsa. This leaves something to work out.

Try to get inside. It's worth the effort and a scratch or two. Deep in the interior next to the cubo, rests the ruello. The stone is connected with a rodete in the carcavo below. This is not often seen: olives crushed by water-power.

Observe the caracol on the way out. Search for the inscription B M on the press.

ruello cárcavo caracol
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