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Estadilla is a village at the foot of the Sierra de Carrodilla in the region Somontano de Barbastro. The mill is some distance away from the village and can be best reached from the main road between Barbastro and Graus (N-123). Take the branch of the A-133 at the east-end of the bridge (Puente de las Pilas) over the río Cinca. Then soon to the right for the resting place el Batán and the ruta J. Costa. Drive to the end of this short road and then left onto the gravel road along the Canal de Arias II. Follow the canal for about 1.5 km and you will recognize the site of (1), next to the central de Arias I.

Pictures: 20.x.2015

La Val Las Valetas water mill


The site is owned by the Hidro-Nitro company which has cleaned the site in 2013 and carried out work in order to preserve the few remains of this mill.




La Val Las Valetas Water mill

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