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Caserras del Castillo

Caserras del Castillo is a village in the Ribagorza region of Huesca province. The mill at hand however is best approached from Estopiñán, more to the South. Estopiñán is easily reached from the N-230 (the main road between France and Lerida). From Benabarre drive to the South for about 10km and then turn left where a sign is posted for Estopiñán and Central de Canelles. Turn left again after about 6 km: you are too far if you reach a curve to the right with a sign pointing left to the cantera (quarry). Follow this sand and gravel road for nearly 3km to where there is a sharp bend to the right. Drop your vehicle and continue on foot until You find the remains of the mill at the left side of the road.

Pictures: 29.IX.2013

(1) Only the top of the cubo is visible from the road

This mill is difficult to locate because of the lush vegetation. The top of the pressure pit (1) is the only part that appears above the plants. There is a small pond that ends in a wide cubo (2) which towers high (3) above the former workfloor of the mill. Appears to be quite solid still.
The cárcavo —empty— has a triangular mouth (4). The cross-section inside (5) is also triangular. There was probably a window above the cárcavo. It was not possible to reach the remains of the former workfloor.

(2) Top of the cubo (pressure pit)

(3) Cubo (top) and cárcavo (bottom)
(4) Outlet of the cárcavo

(5) Inside the cárcavo

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