Bernardo Mills in Altoaragón - harinero


Buerba is on a side-branch from the road between Sarvisé (Valle de Broto) and Escalona (Río Cinca). This is the easy part. Now walk through the village and take the steep trail down to the Río Yesa. You will regret all those skipped morning-exercises.
When back don't miss the opportunity to visit the local wood-carver and buy some cutlery in boj.

Pictures: december 1996

Buerba as you'll see it when you look back just before you walk down into the barranco. The Sestrales in background.   For some people, the disillusionment could be too much when they are confronted with the lonely wall. They should realize that this is the very place where L. Briet (a French geologist) in the early years of the 20th century took a picture. The pocket camera came only decades later.
The balsa is several meters deep and the only part of the mill well preserved with fine masonry. In the balsa grows a lot of boj waiting to be reshaped into spoon.

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