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Borrastre is next to Fiscal on the road from L'Ainsa towards Broto. Walk from the church toward the Río Ara. You will cross the canal. From then on walk to the right, to the East that is, in the direction of Arrosa, the village on the opposite side of the river.

Pictures: 28.XII.1994

(1) Molino de Borrastre.

The canal is clear and easily followed. The last stretch (2) where it arrives at the mill is built from stone. A flat stone acts as a bridge (2, 3). The last metre of the canal (below the bridge) features some steps (3, 4) making it easy to climb down into the pressure pit (cubo, 4) which is wide and deep.

Borrastre has in common with all the mills receiving their energy from the Río Ara (e.g. Janovas, Lacort) that there is no mill pond. The Río Ara is never dry and carries always enough water in order to make the mill run without the need to stockpile the water first. It was said that the mill could muele de fila.

The mill building is one huge heap of rubble over­grown with Ivy. We couldn't find anything that reminds us of the activities in the past, except for the crane (grua, 1).


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