Mills in Alto Aragón — harinero, central eléctrica


Aratorés is situated on the main road from Jaca to Canfranc and its tunnel to France. Few kilometers after Castiello de Jaca you'll find a branch to the right leading to the mill.

Pictures: 19.VIII.2011

(1) The former mill is now a guest house

(2) Molino and Central eléctrica
There is nothing much to see apart from the channel with water from the Río Aragón.

Formerly the buildings housed both a wheat mill and an electricity station (2). Nowadays the power­station is remote controlled and still in use, but the mill has become a guest house (1).

The host at the time of our visit was the miller when the old mill was shut down. He refurbished the building and installed a small electrical mill for his own use. Thanks to his son, we got in, but he him­self was rather suspicious and we were not allowed to take pictures.

(3) Water arrives at the new powerstation
(4) Canal continues its way down from the mill

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