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Las Almunias de Rodellar

Las Almunias de Rodellar lies just south from Rodellar, one of the hot spots in the Sierra de Guara. You should find it on any map of the region. Leave the car in Almunias. Then walk the path to the Ermita de la Trinidad. After about 1.5 km you should see the mill at your right. The mill is known as the Molino del Valle de Rodellar (13). The mill took its water from the Río Alcanadre.

Pictures: iii.2000

(1) Molino del Valle with houses of Pedruel visible in the background — 2000

The equipment for the generation of electricity is installed in the northern half of the building. It is the section in (1) at the back and without roof. The powerstation has no direct connection with outside. One has to walk through the flourmill and walk some steps up in order to reach the place where electricity was made (2).
The space is empty apart from what is visible in (2).

(2) Powerstation with control panel, turbine, and dynamo — 2000

(3) Minimalistic control panel — 2000
(4) Power grid of the mill
based on map of 1952, sheet MTN50-0249.

(5) Regulator of the turbine — 2000

(6) Ampere (–> 100 A) and Volt (–> 300 V) meter — 2000

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