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Abizanda is on the main road from L'Ainsa to Barbastro.
Do not turn right at the crossing where Abizanda & Naval are signposted. Instead continue for a few hunderd meters and try to put your vehicle where a tractor track crosses the road. The mill is situated only a few steps down from the tarmac.
Alternatively: park into the village and walk the old path to the mill (marked with GR colours).

Pictures: 31.xii.1994;

(1) View from Abizanda to the north — white stroke points to the mill

(2) Mill with village in background.
(3) Entrance to the mill — 1994
Notice the top layers which are different.

(4) The workplace in 1994.
(5) Situation in 2010.

(6) The workplace in 1994.
The most prominent features at this site in 1994 were the pilas (4, 5). They still are. More so because the wheels (6) which were used to crush the olives are carried away. Pilas are containers in stone in which the oil with water mixture of the pressing was captured.

It's also a good spot to easily get an idea about the general layout of an oil mill: a high back wall (3) to accomodate the large press (prensa de libra; see Castilsabás); the pilas next to it; storage; the zone where olives were broken (6).

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