Rocks in the Philippines

Tignuan, Quezon, Luzon; 04.XII.2003
pict. S. Snoeck
Quezon, Luzon; 04.XII.2003
pict. S. Snoeck
Tagaytay, Batangas; 24.I.2004
pict. S. Snoeck
Interesting set of signs. Falling rock signs in the Philippines fall apart in two kinds. A design with only a few rocks and another group with many more.

The first design is peculiar because only a minority of rock warnings feature a grounded rock. In this case the shape suggests that it is probably a heap of pebbles, but still. Find other examples in France, Spain.

  With the other signs the Philippines gain the top position in the list of countries with many boulders on their warning signs. Other countries like Ecuador (Read the rock statistics) do their best but none can beat the 45 boulders of this sample.

The same panel also doubles as a warning against a hail-storm. (Other wrongly mounted signs in Armenia.)

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