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Falling Rock Signs in Ethiopia

Debark to Axum road, 04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer

Debark to Axum road, 04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer
Roadsign spotting is not easy and it becomes all the more difficult without a vehicle at your disposal. It's just plain frustration on a line bus. No free sight upfront; driver won't stop; people's head and shoul­ders in the way; a blinding glare on the window­pane; you name it. But our people on the field are good and in most conditions succeed in bringing back at least some material. Also on this occasion.

Our humble sample of Falling Rock Signs from Ethiopia contains only warning triangles painted on a square canvas. There is quite some variation in the rock wall, the shape of the stones and the general constellation. Good country to live —from a road sign collector's view at least.

04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer04.XI.2011; pict. L. De Meyer

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