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Men at Work signs in Ethiopia

Debark to Axum road, 04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer

30.V.2008; pict. J. Sturtewagen 04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer
Our people on the road aren't easily at their wits' end. Can't we stop the coach, then we'll work from the coach. Some experience is needed and I remember the times when this very same team member came back from Jordan with only motion blur, but here all turned out well.

We don't have that many samples from the African continent, but what we have from Ethiopia is most interesting. Roadsigns of this design —a man holding a spadeful of earth and no sand heaps in the picture— are almost exclusively restricted to Central- and South-America with some proverbial exceptions sighted in Portugal, Indonesia and Ireland. The only other place in Africa where we have discovered a similar drawing is in Zimbabwe.

Like to know more about the number of heaps on road­signs? Then the page about Argentina is the way to go; learn all about H0-2 (water it's not).

04.XI.2011; pict. L. De Meyer 04.XI.2011; pict. H. De Meyer Mexico Ireland

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