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Men at Work signs found in Latvia

Riga, 19.vii.2004; pict. H. De Meyer

The Latvian worker keeps a distance from his colleagues in the other Baltic states. Latvia is probably trying to show us that it has become a proper country after the collapse of the Sovjet Empire. There aren't that many possi­bilities, though, for variation in an icon–like man without any gear except for his spade. The designer therefore had to play with the shape of the heap as the only means to express some identity.; pict. L. Parmentier

The later find of this design raises doubts about Latvia still being able to stand on its own legs. It is a sign of the Russian group which is very wide­spread in countries of the former Sovjet Block — see Russia, Lithuania.

Would you believe that the shape of the heap is enough to distinguish between most countries ?
Try it. It's easier than you think.

From time to time artists are inspired by roadsigns (e.g. Switzerland).
Also here in Latvia. At the railway station in Riga: art with a Big 'R'.

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