Children's crossing in Zanzibar

Our man on the field was caught red-handed by the local police not wanting him to take pictures at, of all places, that exact spot. But, you know, team members have a strong nerve and are fast with their camera.

This find from Zanzibar belongs to the wide-spread UK-sign family (in short: sturdy girl drags boy on the road). There is a small difference with the standard drawing (compare with Great Britain, South-Africa)
+ still quite some room for growth.
+ the drawing is more dynamic; the girl slants forward.

near Stonetown, VIII.2002;
pict. J. Vanderbiesen
Stonetown, IX.2003;
pict. S. Vanacker
Clearly a sign from a previous generation. In modern signs the nature of the risk is specified inside the triangle, not below. You'll find more of this kind in India, where this design is still very common, and on Mauritius (where the triangle is open!).

The drawing of the children is very realistic and hints at bad nourishment.

Some people probably will object that they look more like extra-terrestrials, but a short study of our samples from Costa Rica or Indonesia proves this to be wrong.
What I can't stop entering my mind is the close resemblance of the bigger child with a chicken. Is it only a coïncidence that this fits with the driving habits of many people convinced that everybody must sped out of their way ?

  The children are growing up. They are thinner and furter apart. The boy will soon escape from his sister's wing.
Mangapwani, VII.2002;
pict. Baeten & De Dier

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