Children's crossing in Venezuela

XII.2002; pict. F. Tjollyn  
  Now, this is for connoisseurs !
People pursuing expert insight will savour our new findings.

It's obvious, and expected, that this road-sign from Venezuela belongs to the group of new-world-signs. But when we, as in the column at the right, order finds from the Americas from north to south a pattern is emerging.

Drawings from North and Central America show people of both sexes. Further south no gender features are present. Find more evidence in Argentina, Ecuador, Chile. One country, Peru, doesn't follow the general rule. The country has an own design with running boy and girl.
We need more samples of countries from Guatemala to Venezuela to discover if there is a clear boundary or a smooth transition between designs.

Note: Children from Venezuela both carry their bookbag at the outside. In all other American countries one of the bags is between the children. (Not in the Dominican Republic where a mirrored specimen was found.)




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