Mills in Altoaragón


From Jaca follow directions for the Peña de Oroel. Stay with the main road where after a while you should turn left for the Oroel. Straight-on where San Juan de la Peña is signposted. You will pass Bernués and much later Anzánigo. The dam is between Anzánigo and (near) the branch toward Rasal.
The molino of Yeste is now an Albergue.

Pictures: 26.XII.2000

Because I didn't enter the construction, I can't report about the state of the machinery. I must go back sometime.
The waterworks are impressive. The Río Gállego is dammed and tapped on both banks. The canal to the mill is on the right river-bank. Only the first few meters are open. The canal very soon becomes a tube and runs for about one kilometer before reaching the mill.
Dam on the Río Gállego First few meters of the canal are open.
Reed betrays the position of the tube.
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