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Ligüerre de Cinca

Ligüerre de Cinca is on the main road from L'Ainsa to Barbastro. Between Mesón de Ligüerre and the fork to Lamata turn right on the dirt road just after the bridge over the Río Susía. The mill is situated next to the river a few hunderd meters to the north.

Pictures: december 1996

(1) The workplace with two stone couples.

(2) The mouths of both cárcavos.

(3) Inlet: saetín.
(4) The right (2) cárcavo with lower part of saetín.

The mill is in ruins and the workfloor is in a terrible mess (1). There were two couples of composite stones, that is about all we can tell.

Part of the mill pond is ploughed under and what little remains is hidden under dense shrub. We could, with some difficulty, find one of the inlets (3).

The cárcavos (2) are well preserved. They are empty however (4). Only the lower part of the inlet tube (saetín), the nozzle (botana) made of wood, can be seen.

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