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Lascuarre is a small village in the Ribagorza region. The mill, or rather what's left of it, is situated away from the village in the Huerta de Lascuarre about 2 km to the North-West. The easiest approach is probably from the main road between Graus and Bonanza (A-1605). Driving towards Bonanza, just past km 15, there is a branch to the left. Follow this gravel road for about 500 m to the West. You should find a smaller gravel road at your right, and running to the North. Follow for about another 400 m. All that remains of the mill is an empty carcass.

Pictures: 31.xii.2018

(1) Huerta de Lascuarre with Río Isábena (left) and the mill (circle) © PNOA 2006 —

Only the outer walls of the mill remain. Most of the acequia (blue in the aerial view) can still be followed from the Isábena river (North of the mill). The same holds true for the restitution channel.
Notice how many plots visible in the aerial view of 1956, can still be recognized in recent photos and on the ground.

(2) Huerta de Lascuarre with Río Isábena (left) in the 1950s. © Americano B 1956-'57 —

(3) Remains of the mill.

(4) Between the walls.

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