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Escuaín is a very well known starting point for adrenaline excursions. It can be crowded during weekends during the summer season. But even then you'll probably be alone at the mill. From L'Ainsa take the road to France. In Escalona turn left and immediately right where several villages of the Valle de Puértolas are signposted. You'll pass Belsierre and after a long, narrow and winding road reach Puértolas. Continue your way and take the right branch where you have the choice. You'll now round the base of the Castillo Mayor and eventually reach Escuaín. Drop the car.
Follow the path to Cuello Viceto until it crosses a barranco. Then make your way down until you reach what remains of the mill. The mill isn't indicated on any current map. It's thanks to a friend from L'Ainsa who kindly accompanied us, that we can add the mill to our catalog.

Pictures: 19.VIII.2003

(1) Overview of the site looking
towards barranco away from Escuaín
(2) Looking from drain towards Escuaín

The only thing that stood the tooth of time is the base of the construction, the arch of the cárcavo protruding into the barranco. You wouldn't recognize it from above were it not because of the mill stones. If you look carefully you'll also find the layout of some old walls and traces of the channel feeding the mill.
One of the mill stones features the same ridge pattern we've seen in many other mills like Aso de Sobremonte, Sarvisé, Allué and others.

The cárcavo is rather spacious and was carefully built taking advantage of the natural boulders already in place.



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