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Abella is a small nucleus belonging to the municipality of Laspaúles in the Ribagorza region. It is best reached from Castejón de Sos. In Castejón take the main road (N260) towards Laspaúles and Pont de Suert. After about 13 km turn right at some silos towards Abella and Espés. Again right after another 2 km. Try to find a place for your vehicle at the entrance of the village and walk through the village to the South and downwards to the Barranco de las Navinas. Right when you reach the small rivulet. You should arrive at a water basin (left side of the gravel road). The remains of the mill are a few steps further on. The site is interesting because of the waterworks which make very good use of the local situation.

Pictures: 22.viii.2017

(1) View from the hill with the pressure pit looking to the North

(2) View of the site looking at the hill with the pressure pit

(3) Aerial view of the site — Vuelo del Americano B (1956-1957), ©

(4) M: mill, P: pressure pipe, C: cubo = pressure pit, Dotted line: head race

(5) Aerial view of 2006 — Plan Nacional de Ortofotografía Aérea, ©

(6) Main beam of the hurst frame turned on its side

(7) Regulator of the tentering mechanism (aliviador)

(9) Lower bearing of the wheel
(10) Inside the pressure pit; notice the outlet

(11) The pressure pit (cubo)

(12) The pressure pipe resurfaces at the bottom of the hill

(13) Head race arrives at the pressure pit

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