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Cephalopoda are a class of Mollusca where the primitive foot has evolved into a bunch of arms.

The group is almost never seen in an advertising context. We have two species, an octopus and a nautilus, and both refer to Mother Nature.

first published: xii.2021

Nature has its own security
and now your cheques have it too!, are we told in our first example (1). Most cephalopods have an ink sac which is used to expel a dark cloud to confuse an attacker. It is this behaviour that this advertisement refers to.

Put your cheques in the special CheckSafe: an electronically secured mini safe about the same size as a smartphone today. Only your personal PIN code gives access. Any other attempt to get to the cheques will mark them with indelible red ink, clear evidence of fraud.

(1) 1992 – Protect your cheques. — mini safe
(2) 1994 – Calcium has preserved him. — calcium supplement

The tablets with calcium carbonate
(2) don't need this specific animal. Any fossil in limestone would do, because it is the calcium that counts: Calcium has preserved this shell for 200 million years. Your patients may not require that many. But the Nautilus brought with it the opportunity of a touch of humour, which is highly valued when one tries to sell.

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