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Falling rock Signs found in Austria

Austria, ix.1998; pict. W. Van Landuyt
Spitz am Donau, 1998; pict. S. Visser
Oberhof, 24.vii.2009; pict. J. Koelstra
This panel is a clone of the most common German rocksign. Let's pray they'll for once keep some distance from their Teutonic neighbours. We, roadsign collectors (and most likely other people also), can only hope for the best.

There is some reason for optimism, because different kinds of designs are still around.

The sign from Spitz reminds me of Bulgaria. A pebble at the top and then alternating big and smaller boulders. There is no gravel on the road though.

The Oberhof find is peculiar in that the top stone is drawn in a cavity of the mother rock. Looking for signs with the same feature is a real opportunity to collect airmiles fast: Romania, Pakistan, Japan.

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