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Men at Work Signs in Chile

Punta Arenas (S-Chile); 1993

Punta Arenas (S-Chile), 1993
Ciquique (N-Chile), 1993
Torres del Paine, viii.1996

Notice that in Chilean Men at Work signage no heap of earth to be shoveled away is shown. It is typical for this kind of signs in countries of South (e.g. Brazil, Peru) — and some in Central (e.g. Mexico)— America.
It is therefore remarkable that most of the men in all these countries are walking around with their shovel loaded. Are we looking at a snapshot of the groundbreaking where the first shovel full of earth is scooped up a few moments earlier?

Punta Arenas, 9.iii.2012;
pict. O. Dochy
Tierra del Fuego, 12.iii.2012;
pict. O. Dochy
Many workers in Chile do not seem to take their job very seriously. Several are seen with an empty shovel and the worker from Ciquique displays an lightness not often seen on the road. He (?) could be dancing and the tool is barely adequate for the task at hand. This kind of behaviour is surely not welcomed by the colleagues from Panama where digging is taken much more seriously.

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