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Men at Work signs in Cambodia

Puo Pe, XI.2007; pict. H. De Meyer Lolum - Siem Reap, 28.VII.2012; pict. M. Tailly

It looks like Cambodia prefered to stand apart from its neigh­bours Laos, Vietnam and Thailand. The Men at Work signs (and the Children's Crossing Signs also) are completely different.
It is rather surprising that the nearest (and only) similar Men at Work sign was found in Darwin (Australia). If you look carefully you'll notice that the neck and shoulders are drawn differently: here we have a undulating line.

Bartolomeo is happy that attention was paid to protective gear, but I would suggest a regular hard hat instead of the top hat. It's better sometimes to trade in style for safety even for people so to see of higher classes.
Kampong Chhnang, 24.VII.2012; pict. M. Tailly

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