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Children's crossing in Syria

2.XI.2008; pict. L. De Meyer
For its Men at Work Syria looks to the East. Not so for the Children's signs. Israel came first to my mind but a quick look-up showed otherwise —It was a trifle improbable after all. The drawing is very similar to roadsigns found in Finland.

On most of the signs (only two of a batch are shown) the boy is cut in two by a weird white line. I wonder what that means. Is it an artifact caused by the way the sign is made? Could be, but building blocks are designed to be used again and again. I would therefore expect an arm, a leg, the head but not a composite made of a leg, an arm and a bookbag. Where else could they possibly apply this combination?

2.XI.2008; pict. L. De Meyer 2.XI.2008; pict. L. De Meyer 31.X.2008; pict. L. De Meyer Finland

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