Dicranopalpus ramosus (Simon) Opiliones in Belgium
map of Dicranopalpus ramosus in Belgium
N-squares: 7
N-samples: 17
N-animals: 103

DS66 - X.1996; De Panne - leg. D. Bonte
DS76 - VI-X.1996; Koksijde - leg. W. Slosse
DS86 - 28.IX.1997; Westende - leg. M. Tailly
ES17 - 15.X.1995; St-Andries-Brugge - leg. L. Vanhercke
ES27 - 11.X.1996; Ryckevelde - leg. I. Hoste
ES23 - 1997; several places - leg. M. Tailly
ES45 - VIII.2000; Mariakerke - leg. L. Vanhercke

Of the 103 individuals captured only one fell in a pitfall. The other 102 were taken by hand. As almost all of our sampling effort goes into pitfalls this means that this map must be very incomplete. The map below gives the UTM-squares with at least one record of a capture (could be any species) by hand.


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